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Support to Mawufemo

Maternity Aid Program

Brief Description

Indeed no two stories are the same. Mawufemo and her innocent baby could not go home. Her husband gave it all but that wasn’t enough for him to go home with his family to celebrate the Gift of Life of beautiful Baby. The Mother and Baby were not alone but they were lonely. Left to their fate to pray and hope for help to come their way, for as long as they are detained in the hospital. Fortunately help came through. The Maternal Aid Program(MAP) through the auspices of Code Nation 1957 and partner Black birth justice brought them a fresh breath of hope and joy. All medical bills were fully settled instantly. The story Mawufemo is not peculiar to this hospital. For this reason we call on all able hands to come on board to support this initiative, so that others facing similar unfortunate situation can receive the needed support. We believe Together we can make the world a better place.

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In Progress

Below are some of the projects related to the Maternity Aid Program

Support to a crying mother

This mother was discovered at the hospital, unable to pay for her medical bills, with no support from her family.

Support to a distraught mother

While leaving the hospital, we encountered a distraught mother crying on the staircase. Upon speaking with her, she shared that…

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