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Support to a mother in a dire situation

Maternity Aid Program

Brief Description

This mother was discovered in a dire circumstance at the hospital, unable to pay for her medical expenses. The hospital would not release her after giving birth due to the outstanding bills, and unfortunately, she had no family members who could assist her with the payments. After hearing her story, our team decided to resolve her financial concerns. Additionally, she expressed interest in learning a trade, which we are currently helping her achieve. Eventually, she was reunited with her child and discharged from the hospital.

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In Progress

Below are some of the projects related to the Maternity Aid Program

Support to a crying mother

This mother was discovered at the hospital, unable to pay for her medical bills, with no support from her family.

Support to a distraught mother

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Support to a young mother

This young mother was unable to pay her hospital bills, resulting in her being hospitalized for several weeks. She shared…

Support to Evelyn

As part of the initiative’s objectives, detained Mothers with their new born babies due to their inability to pay for…

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