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Maternity Aid Program

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It is a privilege to have you onboard as we address a deeply distressing issue affecting new mothers in our communities. Imagine the joy of bringing a new life into the world, only to face the heart-wrenching reality of having your new-born taken away due to financial constraints.
This is a situation that no mother should experience. We present an opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of these mothers, their infants and their communities as a whole.


In April 2023 we made a shocking discovery which left us heartbroken and we felt we needed to do something to help.
It was brought to our notice that many mothers who have given birth had their children taken away from them as collateral since they could not afford to pay for their medical bills after birth.
We visited the hospital to verify this information and it was shocking to see that every information was true. We saw many mothers at the hospital feeling so hopeless and in tears.
We spoke to many mothers who confirmed that their babies had been taken away from them because they could not afford to pay for their medical bills and they could only take their babies home once their bills were settled.
We went to the administration of the hospital to speak to their staff who then showed us a book with every mother's details and how much they needed to pay before taking their babies home.
We budgeted some funds for these mothers on that same day and paid for six (6) of them, who were immediately discharged to go home with their babies.
We also helped transit them into their various communities as most of them have been traumatised from the experience they had gone through at the hospital.
We ensured to visit these mothers to find out what they and their baby needs were and supported them accordingly. During our visit to these mothers, we discovered that some of them would love to get Education, Employment, Learn a new skills/ trade.
We are very much committed to help these mothers thrive . Together with your support we will be able to help many mothers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reunite mothers with their babies and provide them with the support they need to start their journey into motherhood whiles creating sustainable solutions to curb this issue.

Our Approach/Process

Choose Hospital to Approach
Have Agreement with Mothers
Pay Bills
Discharge Mothers
Transport them Home
Continuous Support


Improved Maternal Healthcare: The program can enhance access to prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women, reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.
FYI: The infant mortality rate for Ghana in 2022 was 31.768 deaths per 1000 live births, a 2.95% decline from 2021. The infant mortality rate for Ghana in 2021 was 32.735 deaths per 1000 live births, a 2.87% decline from 2020.
Infrastructure Development: In the near future, the program could contribute to the development of healthcare infrastructure, ensuring better facilities and resources for maternal health services.
Educational Impact: The program will educate women, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and family planning. Women who benefit from this support can also be educated on proper nutrition, hygiene, and care during and after pregnancy.
Economic Impact: Better maternal health can positively impact the workforce, as healthier mothers are more likely to participate in economic activities, contributing to overall economic development.
Social and Economic Stability: This program could positively influence the social fabric and economic stability of Ghana, creating a foundation for sustainable development.


Form Partnerships
Establish partnerships with legal experts, healthcare professionals, and NGOs specializing in maternal and child health to build a robust support network.
Education Program
Launch education program to inform the public about...

  • Teenge Pregnancy
  • Family Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Financial Literacy

Advocate For Policy Change
Advocate for policy changes at local and national levels to ensure no mother is separated from her child due to financial constraints. Engage with policymakers, present data, and propose legislation that protects maternal and child rights.
Fundraising and Financial Support
Establish a sustainable fundraising strategy to cover medical expenses for mothers in need. Collaborate with donors, corporate partners, and the community to ensure ongoing financial support.
Counselling Support
Develop programs that offer emotional and community support to affected mothers. Create support groups, counseling services, and workshops to address the emotional well-being of mothers and promote a sense of community.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Continuously monitor the impact of this initiative through metrics such as successful reunifications, policy changes, and improvements in maternal and child healthcare. Regularly evaluate and adjust strategies for long-term effectiveness.

Below are some of the Maternity Aid Program projects undertaken

Support to a crying mother

This mother was discovered at the hospital, unable to pay for her medical bills, with no support from her family.

Support to a distraught mother

While leaving the hospital, we encountered a distraught mother crying on the staircase. Upon speaking with her, she shared that…

Support to a young mother

This young mother was unable to pay her hospital bills, resulting in her being hospitalized for several weeks. She shared…

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